Our season extends from September 1 to August 31st. Registration for a full or half season (September 1 – February 28 or March 1 – August 31) takes place in September or February.

New players are encouraged to come to a frew practices before signing up.

Sign-up procedure

Send an email to inscription@puc-ultimate.fr to get in the registration process. Payment will be online with credit card. You can prepare the following documents:

  1. An ID photos at the jpeg format.
  2. A certificate of health in French following the official template from the french federation. It must have the "Ultimate Frisbee" and "en compétition" boxes checked.
  3. If you're eligible to the student discount, a copy of your student card.


If you have any question regarding the club or ultimate frisbee, please send us a message at contact@puc-ultimate.fr or get in touch on Facebook or Instagram.