Mixed 1

Competitive mixed team playing in division 1 of the French Championships. Players are selected via tryouts. The team has often competed at an international level, both at World and European Championships, notably 2017 EUCR‑S X Versailles, 2016 EUCR‑S X Stezzano and EUCF Frankfort, 2013 EUCR Bergame and XEUCF Bordeaux, 2009 XEUCF Londres , as well as the WUCC in Prague (2010).

Mixed 2

Second elite mixed team, also playing in the french first division!

Mixed 3

Fun & Win team playing in 3rd national division in France.

Mixed 4

Our club boasts enough players for a fourth mixed team playing in regional division.


Competitive women’s team whose aim is for a Top 3 finish yearly at the French Championships.

Lillipuc 2

The first women 2nd team in France!

Open 1

Competitive men’s team for which the club’s best players are selected during tryouts at the start of each season. The Open 1 team plays in division 1 and fights year after year to stay on top level.

Open 2 and 3

Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced player, there is a team for you! Our Open 2 team plays in Nationale 3 but aim to climb into division 2, level that had been reached in 2014 season. Our Open 3 team plays in Regional, progresses years after years and aims to reach National level in a few years.

Rookies (Open 4)

Each years, a team mainly composed with rookies is sent to compete their first championships at a regional level.


If you have any question regarding the club or ultimate frisbee, please send us a message at contact@puc-ultimate.fr or get in touch on Facebook or Instagram.